May 25, 2011

What's Coming: New Horizons

MERGE User Conference

This post is part of a series. This week is a look at what is coming from Perforce in the immediate future as we lead up to the User Conference next week.

Perforce is looking deep into the future of SCM. We are studying the new crop of open source SCM tools, emerging technologies, and the profuse and creative solutions that customers have built on Perforce to be sure that, wherever your SCM needs take you, we’ll be there.

Open source tools like git, Mercurial, and Subversion play an essential role in our industry by highlighting developer-validated SCM and versioning needs. We are turning these tools upside down in search of features that our customers will benefit from and expect in coming years.

Mobile devices are an emerging technology on the rise the last few years, and we predict that some SCM tasks will soon be performed on tablets and other handheld devices. We would love to hear what you think you might need to do wirelessly in the near future.

Perforce as a Platform has exciting potential to bring the power of Perforce versioning into new arenas. Customers (such as Pixar, Google, and NYSE, all of which are presenting talks at the 2011 User Conference) have extended Perforce in a wide variety of innovative ways. Studying how customers use Perforce to solve problems new and old reveals a most fascinating ‘new horizon’: applying untapped potential already inside our product to new challenges.

What’s on your horizon that we should know about?