March 28, 2013

What’s More Frustrating than Dinner with Your In-Laws?

Version Control

If your answer is “document versioning issues,” well, congratulations! Don Pardo, tell them what they’ve won. But fact of the matter is, most people don’t even know what “versioning issues” are. We discovered this from the study we commissioned with Harris Interactive, a leading market research firm. From a survey of more than 1,000 knowledge workers in the US and UK, we found some very alarming results. For instance…

  • While only 45% of all knowledge workers are familiar with the term “versioning issues,” a whopping 83% of them are impacted by these issues EVERY DAY.
  • Frequently cited document collaboration issues include wasting time searching a hard drive or in-box for a file (73%); manually reviewing edits from others (56%); working on the wrong version of a document (47%) and… egads!... sending the wrong file to a client, boss or co-worker (48%).
  • Most telling of all, 29% of the people who work on the wrong version of a file call it a day right there and then—too frustrated to finish their projects. 4% say they’ve lost a job as a result of these sort of problems.
  • Our study shows that document versioning issues are a bigger time sink than not having network access or dealing with spam. And, with all due respect to my lovely mother-in-law, our survey population said these issues are more frustrating than dinner with their spouses’ parents. Go figure.

Read the full report The Case for Better Document Collaboration to find out more about the impact of document versioning issues and to see why existing solutions and processes don’t work.

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