May 19, 2011

What's New: Perforce has a Sales Team!?


This post is part of a series. This week is a look at some of the new happenings at Perforce as we lead up to the User Conference in early June.

Yep, we used to be “Sales without the Force” and proud of it!  Build a great product, back it with strong frontline support, create a frictionless licensing process with transparent pricing and customers will come.  Come they did…over 5,300 of them.

Along the way some customers had the audacity to suggest that it would ok to have sales people or account managers start calling on them.  Imagine that!  It turns out that not every conversation needed to be only about buying a license, a tech support call or as infrequent as over a beer at the annual user conference.   More importantly, many customers wanted to build a relationship that goes beyond the Perforce the product and stellar tech support.

We also realized that “we don’t know what we don’t know” about many of our customers.  Proactively reaching out to understand the business drivers influencing development strategies how that impacts overall SCM needs and their Perforce deployment was actually welcomed.   We have developed strong relationships with many customers simply by listening and helping them to get more out of their P4 deployment.   We have also engaged in dozens of Perforce “tech talks”, provided visibility into our product strategy & roadmap in addition to facilitating discussions with our Professional Services team when customer needs go beyond P4 the product.

We have a sales team that consists of Sales Management, Major Account Managers, Account Executives, Sales Engineers and Licensing.  We pride ourselves on understanding our customer needs, providing expert product knowledge and making it easy to do business.

For our largest customers our goal is to provide “holistic” account management through a dedicated Major Account Manager who works in collaboration with Sales Engineers and Licensing in addition to Tech Support, Engineering and Professional Services.

Many of our small and medium customers are on high growth trajectories and we desire to be “shoulder to shoulder” with them to help guide their deployment strategy and minimize the inevitable issues that can slow momentum.  We apply a similar team approach to ensure success.

Finally for companies interested in learning if Perforce is the right choice, we have team lead by Account Executives & Sales Engineers.  We desire to gain a better understanding of the development strategy & needs and hopefully demonstrate why Perforce is the best solution.

Over the course of the last year we have learned a great deal from our proactive sales interactions with admins, developers, release managers as well as engineering and executive management and we trust they have gained more insight into Perforce and our future plans.  The most important benefit for us is creating an additional customer feedback channel about our company, product and solutions.  It has without a doubt influenced our strategy.   If you haven’t heard from us, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at [email protected] today!