December 15, 2015

What’s New in QA Wizard Pro 2016

Helix ALM
QA Wizard Pro 2016 is now available and chock full of new features and enhancements. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new.

Find variable, function, and subroutine definitions

There are two ways to quickly find where user-defined variables, functions, and subroutines are defined in scripts. The new Definition field at the top of the Script pane includes a list of user-defined variables, functions, and subroutines in the open script. You can use this list as a reference when modifying scripts to make sure you are using correct variable, function, or subroutine names consistently when setting values in statements. You can also select a variable, function, or subroutine from the Definition list to jump to the line where it was defined. qawpDefinitionField The new Go To Definition command is even more flexible and takes you directly to the script line where a variable, function, or subroutine was defined, even if the definition is in another script. You can use this shortcut to learn more about variables defined inside functions or subroutines or how a called function or subroutine is used without needing to open called scripts first or manually search through script lines.  More infoqawpGoToDefExampleCombined

Perform mouse and keyboard actions anywhere on the screen

You can now perform mouse and keyboard actions anywhere on the screen without specifying a window or control to interact with, which provides more precise control over the mouse or keyboard during playback. More info (mouse actions) | More info (keyboard actions)

Set the next statement to run when debugging scripts

When debugging scripts, you can now set the next statement to run when playback continues. This lets you skip statements you don’t need to troubleshoot and rerun statements to see how a change you made affects playback. More infoqawpSetNextStatementExample

Include additional workspace files in batch files

Previously you could only include certain file types in batch files. You can now add any file in the workspace to a batch file (with the tiny exception of other batch files). If scripts in a batch need access to specific files, such as text files to log information or image files for verification, including the additional files in the batch ensures everything runs smoothly. More infoqawpBatchExample

Chrome HTTPS support

Keep the new SSL encryption option enabled to automatically generate a self-signed certificate that supports recording and running scripts against secure web pages in Chrome. More info

Want to know more?

Check out the release notes and help to learn more about QA Wizard Pro 2016.