July 14, 2015

Your Ideas Wanted: New and Improved P4IdeaX Launched


You may have noticed already, but this past weekend we moved from a self-hosted idea gathering site to a new one hosted by aha.io. Aha! is a product management tool that our PMs have moved to in the past few months. While our self-hosted P4IdeaX has been extremely useful over the years, there was always a bit of an air gap between the site and our product management team. With the move to Aha! all your ideas and votes will be right in front of them on a day-to-day basis.

We were able to move all of the ideas over to the new site, but unfortunately, there wasn’t a way to bring the votes over. While it’s more than a bit annoying, I’m looking at it as an opportunity for each idea to shine anew.

You will need to create new accounts on the new site, but ideas you filed remain attached to your email account. We been investigating a SSO system for all of the community sites, but I’m afraid it’s away out still.

As always, thank you for the time and energy you put into sharing ideas with us; Perforce would not be half the product it is without your feedback. During the migration I went through all of the ideas that had been filed and addressed. Flipping through them I realized that a number of my favorite features started in P4IdeaX and were addressed because of P4IdeaX. Voting really does help us figure out what you need most.