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Helix TeamHub Enterprise is tailor-made for organizations who need to manage growing Git environments on their own servers.

With Helix TeamHub Enterprise, powered by Helix4Git, you can manage all of your Git projects and repositories from a single platform, run your CI/CD pipeline without additional tooling, and close the feedback loop faster for your Git developers.

Why Helix TeamHub Enterprise Instead of a Git Server?

As your Git projects grow – adding repos and developers – Helix TeamHub Enterprise helps you scale easily and securely, protecting your code behind your firewall.

40-80% Faster Builds

TeamHub Enterprise leverages the legendary Perforce p4 commands to run concurrent sync operations. P4 commands retrieve content up to 80% faster than native Git commands.

Support for Clustering

Helix TeamHub Enterprise is a scalable Git server that supports clustering, where the load that comes from Git clones and pushes is scaled to multiple nodes. Using clustering, you can still maintain a single instance that everyone can access.

Manage Multiple Repo Types from a Single Enterprise Git Server

Do you have Subversion, Mercurial, or Maven repos — in addition to Git?

Support for SVN and Hg

Helix TeamHub is the only Git code management platform that also supports Subversion (SVN) and Mercurial (Hg) repository types. In fact, with Helix TeamHub, you can even have them in the same project.

Any project created in Helix TeamHub can manage an unlimited number of Git, Subversion (SVN) and Mercurial (HG) repositories, and many more. Access rights can be also configured on a repository level, which ensures a high level of security.

Build Artifacts, Too!

With support for Maven and Ivy repositories and Docker container registries, Helix TeamHub allows you to manage and maintain all your software assets under one platform. Artifact repositories are grouped alongside source code repos, and access control is role based.

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Secure Your Git Enterprise Server. Safeguard Your Code.

Authenticate against Microsoft AD or LDAP

LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory (AD) authentication comes in handy when setting up access management to Git repositories behind your firewall and you want to use the same credentials that are in your centralized user directory.

Using LDAP or Active Directory as an authentication source for your Git management platform allows you to use the same password policies, in addition to ensuring only those with credentials in the LDAP or AD can access the code. If you need temporary accounts outside of the AD or LDAP, Helix TeamHub Enterprise can be configured to support that as well.

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Enable SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on enables the usage of 2-factor authentication and passwordless authentication when logging into the system. SAML 2.0 is one of the most popular means to set up single sign-on that works between your Git management platform and your central user directory. Setting up SAML 2.0 based sign-on with Helix TeamHub Enterprise as a Git server takes just one configuration that can be applied from the web UI.

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Role-Based Access Control

Not everyone should have the ability to access every piece of source code your company has. With role-based access control, you can fine-tune permissions for your team.

Use Helix TeamHub to grant role-based access control at project and repository level and take control of your Git security. Helix TeamHub even makes it easy to invite external collaborators or clients and grant them limited access.

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IP Protection

Helix TeamHub Enterprise takes a lot of security precautions to ensure your source code is safe behind your corporate firewall. All communication between TeamHub and its services is encrypted. TeamHub needs the HTTP(S) and SSH ports open, but the rest can be blocked with firewall rules. Our installation follows a predictable pattern which ensures that what you test in your staging infrastructure, also works in production.

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Automatic Backups for Your Git Repositories

To ensure that even the worst-case scenario doesn't put your work on hold, backups are an essential part for any tool you use, especially when it comes to Git repositories and code management.

Helix TeamHub includes built-in tools to automate your backups, which means setup is quick and easy. Helix TeamHub leverages the distributed nature of Git for its backup strategy. The repositories are updated to another location, after which a snapshot can be taken from that location. This ensures three copies of the same data are placed in three different locations.

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Support for Audit Logs

Be prepared for internal and external audits. Helix TeamHub’s audit logs keep a record of every time someone has accessed or tried to access your source code — including from where and when.

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Git Code Review and Developer Collaboration

Review code, manage projects, and accelerate development.

Code Reviews and Issue Tracking

Code Reviews

With branch-based workflows, Helix TeamHub makes code reviews easy for both new and experienced Git users. Conduct effortless code reviews using side-by-side diffs and fine-grained code search. Collaborate with your team members using in-line comments, @mentions, or threaded comments. And ensure your comments don't get missed by marking a comment as a task that the author has to address before the changes can be merged.

Issue Tracking

Tracking your work, in addition to tracking your code changes is equally important. When using Helix TeamHub as a Git server, you can use our flexible Kanban board for managing tasks and tracking issues within each project. Link code changes to issues and notify team members with @mentions.

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Even the Wiki is Git Powered

Although good code documents itself, project-specific documentation is sometimes still as precious as gold. Store your project documentation in your Git server and lower the barrier to documenting anything related to your precious code.

Helix TeamHub provides a Git-powered Wiki tool that supports markdown syntax for documentation. Access the Wiki through a Wiki repository or use the beautiful side-by-side web-editor.

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Integrates with Your Favorite Tools

Helix TeamHub’s integrations allow you to connect to over 75 different third-party tools, including JIRA, Slack, Jenkins, and more. An effective service hook infrastructure makes it super easy to set up the integrations you need.

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