Perforce Helix Core and ftrack integration

Perforce and ftrack Integration

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ftrack is the project management and production tracking platform used by creative teams to collaborate. It unites artists, making it easy to track, manage, discuss, and review stunning visuals in real time.

Perforce Helix Core stores and versions all digital assets. It helps teams across industries securely manage millions of files — including extremely large video and animated files. Helix Core integrates with the creative tools teams use, including graphic tools like Maya and 3ds Max and 3D development platforms.

Why Studios Choose Perforce and ftrack

Perforce and ftrack are partnering on an integration to help studios accelerate creative workflows. Together these tools connect teams and give them faster access to the files they need. Plus, Helix Core and ftrack scale to tackle challenges for the largest teams and complex projects.

Helix Core and ftrack

What Helix Core Does

Helix Core is the game development standard for data management. It helps 19 of the top 20 studios deliver immersive visual experiences faster.

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How Helix Core Works With ftrack

ftrack Studio’s integration with Helix Core enables ftrack to store, manage, and publish files and assets in the Helix Core version control system. Once published, teams can view, manage, and collaborate on past versions directly within ftrack. Teams can track assets all the way through the production pipeline.

As with game development, Helix Core helps teams collaborate. It gives them lightning-fast access to what they need, when they need it. Using Helix Core with ftrack helps teams understand exactly what needs to happen next.

Key Integrations For Film and Animation Studios

Perforce and ftrack provide integrations to increase artist and developer productivity. By keeping them in the tools they know, teams can focus on creating amazing content.


Unreal Editor, UnrealGameSync (UGS), and Multi-User Editing are applications built and maintained by Epic Games. They offer an easy-to-use, and seamless integration to Helix Core. Teams never have to leave their favorite tools because Epic and Perforce ensure they work together seamlessly.

Helix Core + Unreal

Teams can access project files from a native ftrack Studio panel inside of Unreal. This helps artists and animators to import, version, and publish assets without needing to leave the Unreal UI. Teams can monitor and optimize production workflows, plus review content in real time, ensuring a steady flow of work through the pipeline.

ftrack + Unreal

This screenshot shows the Unreal Editor.
This screenshot shows Unity3D.


Unity has a built-in integration to Helix Core. Users working on 3D worlds, games, and movies can still use the tools they love. Unity and Perforce ensure these tools work well together and help teams move faster, more efficiently and meet tight deadlines.

Helix Core + Unity

Working directly in Unity with ftrack Studio, artists and animators can import, version, and publish assets via a native ftrack Studio panel. Creatives can communicate on uploaded assets, view assigned tasks, and check notes while keeping their projects moving.

ftrack + Unity

Graphic Tools

Get seamless versioning for all your digital assets using the Helix Plugin for Graphical Tools (P4GT).

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ftrack integrates with many industry-standard applications out of the box.

ftrack resources

The Helix Plugin for Graphical Tools (P4GT) is a simple way to provide version control for designers

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