Seamless Versioning for All Your Digital Assets

The Helix Plugin for Graphical Tools (P4GT) provides an integration for artists and designers to easily version their files in Helix Core. They can use their preferred tools –– Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3ds Max, and Autodesk Maya. This simplifies their workflow and streamlines your build process.

Version Control Isn’t Just for Developers

Let artists work like artists. With our integrated enterprise plugin, everyone on your team can manage digital assets in their preferred graphical tools. Plus you can secure your media files, video, pictures, and graphics in the Helix Core depot.

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Helix Plugin for Graphical Tools

P4GT is easy to install and administer. The plugin adds Helix Core to the menu in your team’s chosen graphical tool. This allows artists and designers to easily version their digital assets.

Point-and-Click Access to Helix Core

Your artists don’t need to learn commands and operations. Helix Core provides simple access to their digital assets with point-and-click commands.

Exclusive Asset Locking

Safeguard your design IP and your artist's time with exclusive locking for files and displays. You can keep other users from making unwanted changes to your valuable digital assets.

Complete Revision History

Leverage the power of versioning for graphical tool to quickly access the complete history of media files. Plus you can continue to monitor project assets from your preferred graphical tool interface.

Streamline Builds

By keeping your code, design files, and binary files in Helix Core, you can streamline your build process. And our high-performance server also boosts performance for your pipeline.

Graphical Tool Source Control

Protect and version your project-critical design assets with Helix Plugin for Graphical Tools (P4GT). This solution integrates with your preferred Identify Provider (IdP) ensuring the right people access your most valuable files.

2020.1 System Requirements

Supported 64-bit Applications

  • 2020 Photoshop
  • 2020 Maya
  • 2020 3ds Max

2021.1 System Requirements

Supported 64-bit Applications

  • 2021 Photoshop
  • 2022 Maya
  • 2022 3ds Max

Helix Plugin for Graphical Tools

Give your designers and artists the power. They can use their tools. And easily version all their digital assets.