What's New in Helix DAM 2023.4

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Link Assets to Any Related Resources 

Our new Related Links field lets you link any URL you want to an asset – whether that’s a Jira issue, a Figma design, a task in Hansoft, or any other resource your team needs to reference. This update makes it easier to see the relationships between assets and to integrate Helix DAM with your existing tool suite.  

Better Visualize Your Art with Enhanced Asset Previews  

Helix DAM automatically creates asset previews for most of your files. We’ve now improved your experience in the rare cases where a preview doesn’t populate: Dedicated icons signify file type and you can upload your own screenshot. 

Simplify  Helix Sync Login with SSO Enablement 

We've also updated Helix Sync, our desktop digital asset management tool, to make signing in more efficient. The desktop app now works with Helix Authentication Service, so you can log in with one click using your SSO. Plus, we’ve introduced an improved, single view of our login window.  

Download the latest version of Helix Sync to get started with this new capability.  

New to Helix DAM? Explore how it works with a free, 14-day sandbox experience 

What's New in Helix DAM 2023.3


Link Existing Helix Core Projects to Helix DAM 

This much-anticipated update allows you to link existing Helix Core streams to Helix DAM. It supercharges the way the two tools work together and allow users to customize their experience. Here’s how to take advantage: 

First, when creating a new project, use the toggle button to disable the “Automatically create Helix Core depot” setting.  

Then, set up your Helix Core pathing by selecting the depot and mainline that contains the Helix Core streams you would like to view and manage in Helix DAM. Note: You can also import the same streams for multiple projects to enhance asset reuse and collaboration. 

Lastly, set up your Helix DAM view settings and provide a Helix DAM repository display name. 

Follow the guidance for upgrades in our  Helix DAM Administrator Guide to take advantage of this new functionality or contact support if you need further assistance. 

Create Helix Core workspaces directly from Helix Sync 

We’ve also updated Helix Sync, our desktop digital asset management tool, to make workspace creation more intuitive and efficient. Users can now: 

  • Create workspaces in Helix Sync without downloading P4V.  
  • Set up a workspace in a few simple steps – just name your workspace and specify where you want to store it.  

Download the latest version of Helix Sync to take advantage of this new capability.  

If you’re new to Helix DAM, get started with a free 14-day trial. 

What’s New in Helix DAM 2023.2

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Custom Webhooks

Notify external services when actions are performed on assets in Helix DAM.

With custom webhook support, users can now keep their Helix DAM instance more tightly integrated with commonly used asset types and file formats.  

Expand the usability of your Helix DAM library across all assets in your workflow, not just those natively supported, by building automations that keep your previews and thumbnails up to date. 

AI-Powered Audio and Video Indexing

Easily index all of your audio and video files.

Helix Search automatically indexes your audio and video files, making it much easier to locate a given asset. For example, you can quickly find an asset by searching for a piece of dialogue, like “are you feeling lucky?”

File Locking Visibility

Ensure that everyone on your team knows what files are locked.

With File Locking Visibility, users can now see when files are locked (and by which user) inside the Helix DAM web interface. Teams using both Helix Core and Helix DAM will find this feature particularly beneficial, as they can now stay aware of files that are currently being edited across tools. In addition, full file-locking capabilities have also been brought to Helix Sync. 

EXIF Metadata Indexing

Quickly find and use EXIF metadate.

Helix Search indexes EXIF metadata automatically and makes it available to use when necessary. As many images are embedded with a wide set of EXIF metadata this feature will make it easier to find and use EXIF metadata.


Helix Search Available with a Helix DAM License

Helix Search is now officially a part of Helix DAM and they are more tightly integrated than ever before.  

To take advantage of all the latest features and updates, please download the latest Helix DAM 2023.2, Helix Search 2023.2, and Helix Sync 2023.2 update.

File Locking Visability

What’s New in Helix DAM 2023.1

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Custom Integrations

Build custom integrations with Helix DAM’s APIs.

The new REST API enables users to build custom integrations with Helix DAM. The API endpoints are documented, and can be found here:

  1. Helix DAM: https://help.perforce.com/helix-core/helix-dam/current/api
  2. Helix Search: Add /swagger to the web address to open the Swagger Helix Search REST API web page. 

For example: 


Custom Workflows

Better support team processes with custom workflows for Kanban boards. 

Helix DAM administrators can create custom workflows at the company level to support team processes and terminology.

Helix DAM 2023.1

What’s New in Helix DAM 2022.2

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Assign an Asset Review to a User

Workflow improvements to assign review tasks and notify the reviewer

This functionality builds on the existing review status and Kanban board tracker, allowing users to assign review tasks and notify the reviewer of their duty. This enables teams to reduce reliance on outside channels for completing review cycles.

User Defined Metadata Fields

Track the information that is important for your team in Helix DAM

Helix DAM administrators can define custom metadata fields that will apply to the entire instance. Some potential uses for custom metadata fields are terms of use of licensed or purchased assets, project names, and game titles. This allows teams to not only track important information about each asset but also search based on that same information.

Usability & File Support Updates

Various enhancements to the Helix DAM web interface

Helix DAM 2022.2 sees several updates to improve usability, which include:

  • Delete assets from a Helix DAM project without leaving the web UI.
  • Move assets from a Helix DAM collection to another without leaving the web UI.
  • Manually add sub-folders within a Helix DAM collection.
  • New visual indicator of the progress and completion of an asset being uploaded to Helix DAM.

New Integration with Blender

Use Helix DAM Without Leaving Blender

The Helix Blender Add-on enables artists and designers to use Helix DAM within Blender. Helix DAM users can seamlessly version all their .blend files directly from Blender, including navigating Helix DAM projects and collections, reviewing comments on each file version, and downloading/uploading .blend files.