What’s New in Helix DAM 2022.2

Full Release Details

Assign an Asset Review to a User

Workflow improvements to assign review tasks and notify the reviewer

This functionality builds on the existing review status and Kanban board tracker, allowing users to assign review tasks and notify the reviewer of their duty. This enables teams to reduce reliance on outside channels for completing review cycles.

User Defined Metadata Fields

Track the information that is important for your team in Helix DAM

Helix DAM administrators can define custom metadata fields that will apply to the entire instance. Some potential uses for custom metadata fields are terms of use of licensed or purchased assets, project names, and game titles. This allows teams to not only track important information about each asset but also search based on that same information.

Usability & File Support Updates

Various enhancements to the Helix DAM web interface

Helix DAM 2022.2 sees several updates to improve usability, which include:

  • Delete assets from a Helix DAM project without leaving the web UI.
  • Move assets from a Helix DAM collection to another without leaving the web UI.
  • Manually add sub-folders within a Helix DAM collection.
  • New visual indicator of the progress and completion of an asset being uploaded to Helix DAM.