New Features

  • Use custom metadata fields to capture additional information about assets. Define fields and values at a company level. Show and hide fields in a project. Set field values on assets. Metadata values are used when searching for assets.
  • Assign a list of default reviewers to review all assets in a project when a review starts. Assign default reviewers for a collection, which takes   precedence over the default project reviewers. Assign reviewers directly to a specific asset.
  • Tag other project team members in comments using @ mentions, which notifies the tagged user.
  • View notifications when users use an @ mention for you in asset comments or you are added to an asset review.
  • Click the help icon to view context-sensitive help for the displayed page.


  • Create folders to organize assets in a collection.
  • Rename assets.
  • Copy assets to other collections.
  • Move assets from a collection to a folder in the collection and vice versa.
  • Select multiple assets to perform actions on them.
  • Delete assets from Helix DAM.
  • Improved avatars.
  • Better error handling when users do not have permission to access items.
  • Improved display of long project and asset names.
  • Allow offloading for SSL at a load balancer level for combo installations.
  • Improved deployment workflow.
  • Use guided installations to install Helix DAM in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.
  • Automatically configure Helix Search settings in the Helix DAM admin interface.
  • Support for Helix Core Server 2022.2.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved handling of special characters in asset filenames.
  • Fixed duplicate assets in the Open column, hid deleted assets, and provided better handling of renamed files in the Kanban board.
  • The latest asset version is now displayed when using filters.
  • Binary files uploaded from the Helix DAM interface are no longer marked as text.
  • Improved handling for tags ending in numbers.
  • Improved handling when searching by asset filename.
  • Improved handling for specific versions of FBX assets.