Bad Check-ins Cost $50K a Year

Inefficient merging is expensive. During a recent migration from SVN to Perforce, consultants were curious about the actual cost of inefficient merging.

They quantified the annual merge operations to determine return on investment. Turns out, the company was spending $54,000 each year due to merge operations.

After they implemented Helix Core (the VCS from Perforce), they saw a 400% gain in productivity. Daily merges that took 60 minutes with SVN take less than 15 minutes with Helix Core.

Image Save Money Upgrading Your VCS Chart

Daily Merges in Subversion and Helix Core

Benefits of Leaving SVN

IP Protection. Scalability. Compliance.

Drake Software

Drake needed a version control solution that met the demands of financial compliance and auditing. By leaving SVN, they got superior IP protection, rapid compliance auditing, and a scalable solution they won't outgrow.

Tequila Works

Tequila Works needed a VCS that could handle 400,000 files and 40 GB of data. And they needed a tool that enhanced collaboration. They got that by leaving SVN. And they achieved a full ROI within one year.

Fortune 100 Consumer Global Energy

One multinational energy company has a large, global team of developers. By leaving SVN, they got a VCS that supported their distributed team and ensured compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley.

SVN vs. Perforce

Get a side-by-side comparison showing how SVN and Helix Core handle functions like merging, release management, performance, and scalability.

Image Mockup Perforce vs Subversion

9 Reasons Teams Prefer Perforce vs. Subversion

Built In Code Review

With SVN, you need to license a third-party product for code reviews. Helix Core includes Helix Swarm for code review. Plus, it easily integrates with your CI workflows.

SVN Only Has Basic Merging

SVN has basic merging capabilities and limited baseline selection. Helix Core automatically tracks the merge history across all branches – even renames and moves.

Release Management

Weak branching capabilities is one of the most widely discussed challenges people have with SVN. Helix Core solves this with a branching structure called “Streams.”

Performance and Scalability

Conventional wisdom suggests that SVN is limited to about 250 users and 1 TB of data. Helix Core has customers with more than 10,000 users and petabytes of data.


Managing Git Repos Natively

SVN has no Git management capabilities. For teams who want to store Git natively, Helix4Git is an add-on option from Perforce. It lets you scale Git for faster builds.


Working Offline

Working offline with SVN takes a lot of planning. With Helix Core, you can work offline and then reconcile the changes with one command when you’re online again.


Finding File History

With SVN, it takes minutes to find changes. You have to list the full history of a project and filter the output. With Helix Core, you always have total traceability for all changes.

Out-of-the-Box Security

SVN offers basic full-repo and path-based access control. But it’s difficult to manage. Helix Core supports SSO and MFA, making it the most securable VCS on the market.

Support for Global Teams

With SVN, teams are limited by the capabilities of their WAN. By comparison, Helix Core lets global teams access and manage files at LAN speed.

Upgrade Your VCS Today

Perforce has the best solution for teams that want to regain the productivity they’ve lost to SVN. Helix Core is a proven, integrated platform. And it’s optimized for Agile and DevOps at scale.


Curious about how this upgrade will look at your company? Need more details about our integrations? We’re here to help.