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What's New in Helix Swarm 16.3?

Helix Swarm enables collaboration and unites your teams
independent of size and location.

- 15 -
Release 2016.3

Large File Performance Enhancements

Large files to review? Thousands of lines of code to scroll through? Helix Swarm now incorporates faster load times — as fast as one second — for large text files with more than 2,000 lines of code, scaling gracefully and facilitating side-by-side comparisons of files with their base version.

Hide Swarm Review ID and State in P4V

In 2016.2, we introduced private projects. Swarm 2016.3 extends that level of security to your P4V clients. Users who are non-members of private projects will have restricted view modes excluding the review ID and state in P4V Visual Client.

Navigate and Select Comments to a Particular Revision

Swarm 2016.3 makes it easier for large teams to scale the review process to multiple iterations by providing users with the option to see all comments or only those tied to a specific version. This enables more effective and efficient code review, even as the number of revisions your team manages multiplies at a staggering rate.


Improved Trigger Diagnostics

Even the best developer makes mistakes. The next time you accidentally delete a file that a trigger requires for automatic testing, simply replace it and your subsequent triggers won’t continue to return errors (falsely) informing you that your file doesn’t exist.

Deeper Integration with Active Directory

In this release, IT can now specify active directory usernames of any format and any case for activity streams and more general usage within Swarm for greater clarity and flexibility among users.

Filter Reviews by Author

Swarm 16.3 enables reviewers to filter the list of reviews to those authored by a specific user for a more flexible, efficient user experience.

Disable Review Notifications

Swarm's collaborative approach to code review means providing team members with the latest developments on all of their projects, without hindering their ability to get things done. Eliminate distractions and opt to receive only the notifications most relevant to the review at hand, unless specifically mentioned in another review.


- 04 -
Release 2016.2

Private Projects for Your Next Big Idea

Give new ideas a test run under the radar or hide sensitive projects from external teams and third-party vendors, limiting code review on a need-to-know basis with private projects.


Code Review Integrations

Integrate syntax analyzers for automated review comments that allow teams to detect errors faster, ensure regulatory compliance, and build better software, all thanks to our new review-commenting API.


- 09 -
Release 2016.1

Second That Motion

Add, edit, and delete groups and sub-groups directly within the Swarm UI. Get a second opinion by assigning reviewer groups to your projects and avoid finger-pointing and confusion.

For Your Review

Shift your attention to where it is needed the most. The My Reviews button offers you multiple filter options to suit your needs.

Easy on the Eyes

Navigating the toolbar is easier than ever with its contrasting, flat design for a more modern, intuitive user experience.


Stop Playing the Blame Game

Spend less time waiting to trace changes in your files. Significant improvements to the blame function have reduced wait times from from 40 to 50 seconds down to a just a couple of seconds.

Thumbs Up

We’re supercharging the social collaboration process. In addition to up-voting an entire thread, you can now use the Like icon to make important comments stand out during the code review process.

Get Some REST

The next generation of our REST API is here for faster delivery of secure, reliable, and conformant code. Set Swarm on autopilot and get where you need to go. Now simpler and more powerful than ever before.


- 01 -
Release 2015.4

All for One, One for All

Kick-start your projects and add an entire group as a project member in one swift click. All members of the added group (or any of its subgroups) become members of the project. Any changes to the group are automatically reflected in the project.

Dust Off Your Shelves

Access the shelved changes tab from within the Swarm user profile page and get feedback faster so you can commit changes to the server with easier access to pending shelf changes, request reviews, and view review statuses from directly within the Swarm UI.


A Window to Your Past

Significant enhancements Swarm's diff features improve your workflow efficiency by allowing you to diff any two arbitrary versions of a file, not just the last two.

One-Stop Shop

Put hours back into your day and stop the painstakingly slow search for vaguely named files. In addition to the Microsoft Office Suite, Perforce' LibreOffice module now allows you to preview your Keynote, Pages, and Numbers files as PDF documents directly within Swarm.


- 15 -
Release 2015.3

The Search Is Over

But using the intuitive new search feature to find project names, users, and files has only just begun. As you enter keywords into the search box, matching items are immediately displayed and grouped by category.

You've Got Mail

Make comments on multiple lines of code within a file without annoying your teammates. You control when you send notification emails. Less distractions, increased productivity.


Quick on the Draw

Swarm now includes a new Perl-based trigger for Windows, which offers all the features of the Unix trigger, so that there is a single standard trigger script for all supported platforms.