What Is Methodics IPLM?

Methodics IPLM is a comprehensive IP lifecycle management platform. It offers complete control over the design and integration of both internal and external design elements, providing full traceability.

Methodics IPLM accelerates the release process, streamlines workspace management, and provides a single source of truth for BoM creation and management.

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Methodics IPLM helps enterprises like yours manage, catalog, share, and reuse IP, so you can accelerate design. At the same time, Methodics IPLM delivers a single source of truth and full traceability from requirements through design to verification. Talk to an expert about getting started with Methodics IPLM today.

Improving Time-to-Market

Companies designing today’s complex system-on-chips (SoCs) must find new ways to meet the challenges imposed by shrinking time-to-market windows.

Enter platform-based design methodologies, allowing companies to reduce the time it takes to bring designs to market and maximize reuse of internal IP on those designs.

For more on how Methodics IPLM is uniquely positioned to help companies reduce their time-to-market, check out these white papers:

Maximizing IP Reuse

Chip development cycles are compressed, leaving teams to execute more in less time. To keep up, enterprises need to ensure that IPs can more easily be found and reused. Time spent searching could be wasting millions of dollars.

IP reuse allows companies to use a proven IP in another chip design. It saving time by not designing the same thing over and over again.

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“With each generation of design, the volume of design data and IP generated throughout the organization grows exponentially and the old way of managing that complexity simply doesn’t work anymore. We realized that we needed a system that helps us manage the IP we have today and supports best practices for IP reuse moving forward. Methodics offered a powerful solution by providing us with a collaborative platform to perform IP reuse more efficiently and in a sustainable, scalable way.”

— Rick Stawicki, Executive Director, EDA Engineering, Maxim Integrated

Full Traceability

To definitively and easily document the exact state of your design, you need to add traceability to the design and verification process. This is especially critical for meeting FuSa specifications for traceability, such as those in ISO 26262 and DO-254.

While design and verification teams may have solutions in place for requirements, design, and verification management, these solutions are often not connected and lack any communication between all three domains.

The Methodics IPLM platform links requirements, through design to verification for the first time, providing a fully traceable model between all three systems.

Learn more in our white paper, Traceability For the Design Verification Process, or watch our webinar on IPLM and Traceability Solutions for the Enterprise.

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Embedded Software Configuration

System-level design is challenging. It is hard enough managing hardware and software development projects independently, but being able to manage all the dependencies between the two disciplines, while also accounting for security concerns, scheduling, and distribution, is just a complex problem to tackle.

Unfortunately, configuration issues between hardware and software can cost your business millions of dollars if you make a mistake in releasing incorrect software.

Methodics IPLM solves this challenge by creating a unified, system-level bill of materials (BoM) of all design assets, both hardware and software.

With Methodics IPLM, all hardware and software dependencies can be tracked, enabling complete control over the design and integration of digital assets as IPs.

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IP Security

IP leakage costs millions of dollars. As your network of design teams around the world increases, your risk of IP leakage grows.

As your company grows, it is essential to track which parts of the design can be made visible to which users and locations around the world — ensuring that no sensitive IP is released across borders without a proper export license in place, or else face severe export violation fines.

Methodics IPLM provides robust IP security features to prevent accidental IP leakage with permissions management, transparent IP hierarchies, and geofencing.

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Functional Safety

In order to satisfy functional safety requirements, you need to be able to demonstrate and document compliance. This is very challenging — especially if you don’t have the right tools.

Methodics IPLM enables you to connect requirements, design, and verification so you can automatically document the traceability needed for functional safety compliance.

Find out more on how Methodics IPLM can help your company meet FuSa requirements:

Chip design environments are characterized by diverse and widespread engineering teams and vast amounts of IP, design data, and other assets that have been developed and archived throughout these large organizations. The Methodics solution has proven itself as an ideal way for operations such as these to take control of the vast amount of IP they have access to and enable more efficient design reuse strategies.

— Hui 'Robin' Xu, Director, Jiangsu Xinrui Yixin Technology Co., Ltd.

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Methodics IPLM is a unique platform delivering full traceability of IP (design files and metadata) and a single source of truth through integrations. Find out how this best-in-class IPLM solution will help your team accelerate delivery. Talk to an expert to get started.