Semiconductor Trends

The semiconductor industry is growing, especially as semiconductors are increasingly used in vehicles, particularly with the rise of autonomous driving.

Traditional system on chips (SoCs) remain critical in the semiconductor industry. Memory chips are expected to maintain the largest market share through 2022. And silicon chips will still dominate into the 2040s.

AI in particular is expected to contribute to growth in the semiconductor industry. PWC reports that the market for AI-related semiconductors will grow in revenue to more than $30 billion by 2022 at an annual growth rate of nearly 50%.

To set your semiconductor business up for success in the future, it will be critical to embrace new technology trends. We dig more into these trends in our blog, The Future of Semiconductors.


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IP Lifecycle Management

Managing the complete IP lifecycle is critical in semiconductor development. Without IP lifecycle management, you’ll lack traceability and slow down development times. That’s why it’s important to effectively manage each stage of the IP lifecycle. Perforce improves IP lifecycle management with Methodics IPLM — a unique, comprehensive platform offering end-to-end traceability through each phase of the IP lifecycle.

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