December 11, 2013

2013: A Busy Year for the Server!

MERGE User Conference
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Image: eymaah via Flickr

As we near the end of 2013, it's exciting to look back at this year. You can make a strong argument (and I do!) that this has been the busiest and most eventful year in the history of the Perforce server:

  1. In the spring, we rolled out the 2013.1 release of the server, with a number of extremely useful and long-awaited features, including:
  2. Later in the spring, we were thrilled to get a chance to meet with many of you at our MERGE 2013 Conference. It was great to hear about all the varied ways the server is used, and how many remarkable products are being built using it.
  3. At the end of the summer, we rolled out the 2013.2 release of the server, with another set of extremely useful features:
  4. In November, we rolled out our third major release of the year (unheard of!). The 2013.3 release of the server includes dramatic performance improvements for large sites which experience high workloads, as the 2013.3 server now supports much greater concurrency for the simultaneous execution of many server commands.

If you're a bit out of date with your server release, now is a great time to consider an upgrade! There are lots of exciting new features, bug fixes, and administrative improvements; for more details, read through our release notes.

Of course, if you have a specific question about the new server functionality, you can always contact our Technical Support team for the details.

I tried asking the boss if, given how wildly productive we were in 2013, could the entire Engineering team take the next year off?

Unfortunately (for us), the answer was "No", so you can look forward to even more great server technology next year!

Happy 2013, everyone!