August 10, 2011

Agile in Action


A lot of those new to Agile need some guidance on actually implementing Agile practices. Whatever your role in Agile, coaching and hands-on demonstrations can help you get started.

Agile burndown

Along those lines, Perforce and three of our partners are getting together again for a series of webinars on Agile processes. These talks focus on real world problems and solutions:

  • If you're a Scrum Master, how do you track Sprint progress and keep the burndown charts up to date without too much grunt work? (Hint: You absolutely do not need to rely on sticky notes and spreadsheets.)
  • If you're a product owner, how do you keep the backlog updated on a busy project?
  • How do you actually increase transparency when you've got distributed teams working on complex, interrelated software?
  • Just how far can you take continuous integration? How do you set up build automation to give the team a feeling of confidence in the stability of the code?

I'll be pitching in myself on August 17th, with a talk on using Perforce to manage the problems of collaboration and modular development. From what I've seen, being truly effective at Agile requires breaking down the walls between teams, and making sure that you don't run into a lot of overhead between sprints. Perforce and other tools can help with those challenges.

Bring your questions, and look forward to a sneak peek of Perforce's new streams functionality!