Types of Software Testing Tools
November 20, 2018

How to Select the Right Software Testing Tools

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You know the importance of software testing. It’s critical to identifying issues in development. But you may be overlooking the importance of using the right software testing tools.

You need tools to support your software testing process. They need to scale with growth. They should make your life easier – and your software better.

But with so many types of software testing tools out there, how can you pick the right one for you?

What to Look for in Software Testing Tools

There are many components and methods to software testing. That’s why you need the right software testing tools at your disposal.

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Some teams try to manage testing efforts manually — whether it’s in spreadsheets or in Jira. But there are issues with that approach.

Spreadsheets and Jira quickly get out-of-date on your testing efforts. And it’s difficult to have visibility into which requirements have been tested and fulfilled. Or how much testing has been completed — and how much is left to go.

Software testing is constantly evolving. And the technology used to run tests is changing, too. There’s a growing interest in AI in software testing.

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Adding a complete test management tool — like Helix ALM — will help you get better visibility and traceability across your testing efforts.

Helix ALM includes a test management module — Helix TCM. This gives you functionality for creating:

  • Test plans
  • Test cases
  • Test suites
  • Test reports

Helix ALM also links tests to requirements. And you can track issues too. All of these components are critical to the software testing process.

How 7 Teams Use Helix ALM For Their Software Testing Process

See how teams use Helix ALM to improve their software testing process and build better products faster. For starters…

1. Conductix-Wampfler Optimizes Software Delivery

When Conductix-Wampfler’s development and IT initiatives grew more complex, their inter-system integration became an issue. They needed a better solution. Soon, they were automating their entire software delivery process with ease — including functional and regression testing. Learn how Conductix-Wampfler improved their software delivery with Helix ALM.

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2. VOO Telecom Centralizes Software Development

VOO Telecom needed to unite their IT and technical departments. Both used different tools for test cases and test case management. And these divisions hindered their growth. Learn how they came together under one tool to meet everyone’s needs. See how Helix ALM improved VOO Telecom’s development process.

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3. Workforce Links Issues With Software Tests

When their homegrown test case management system began to fail, WorkForce Software sought a better solution. Soon they were linking product issues with test cases and test runs seamlessly. See how WorkForce improved their software testing with Helix ALM.

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4. Hunter Industries Achieves Optimal QA

Hunter Industries pieced together requirements, test cases, and defect tracking in Word and Excel for years. But as the company grew, the process fell apart. They needed a better solution. Learn how Hunter Industries strengthened their QA process with Helix ALM.
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5. Integra Telecom Saves Time Reusing Tests

Integra Telecom was growing. And with a big acquisition on the horizon, they knew they needed a better way to manage test cases. See how Helix TCM improved Integra’s efficiency, forecasting, and profitability.
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6. ITSO Limited Succeeds With End-to-End Traceability

ITSO Limited sought to bring smart ticketing technology throughout Great Britain. But as they grew, their pieced-together test case management failed. They needed a better solution. Learn how ITSO found success planning tests, tracking bugs, and managing requirements in Helix ALM.

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7. Itron Solves Software QA Challenge

While Microsoft Excel sheets once worked for Itron’s test cases, they knew they’d eventually outgrow them. Itron needed a better solution for their software quality assurance. See how Itron’s software testing process flourished with Helix TCM.

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Use the Best Software Testing Tools

Using the right software testing tools can make or break the quality of your software. That’s why the choice is so critical.

But testing is just one part of the development lifecycle. There’s also the requirements you need to test. And the issues that your tests reveal.

What if you could track everything in one place? And have full traceability into the entire lifecycle?

You can do these things in Helix ALM. See for yourself what the right software testing tool can do for you.

Test Efficiently With Helix ALM