May 11, 2011

AMD will present at 2011 User Conference

MERGE User Conference

The biggest Perforce User Conference is coming up next month. We have more customer presentations than even before, a total of 17! Hear what one of our presenters have to say about this conference.

Xavier Galvez, AMD, “Enabling the Perforce Administrator via Mobile Device”

Why were you motivated to speak on this topic?
I felt that this project I worked on a few years back might be useful to today's Perforce administrators. To be honest, I believe that the manner in which the solution came about was more impressive than the solution itself. There was a gap that I identified which I wanted to address with the limited resources I had. I'm sure other admins out there see similar situations, and the solutions don't necessarily have to be whiz-bang and complex -- simplicity is key to a quick roll-out and adoption.

What are the top 3 take-aways from your talk?
1) Keep your eyes open for opportunities to improve workflow; it's not about working hard, but working smart.
2) Repetitive, tedious actions can be abstracted and simplified. Then upon hitting the core of the action, the abstractions can be extended into wonderful, magical things.
3) Having limited resources is like having a small box of Lego pieces. With a little bit of creativity, one can create kingdoms.

If you only had 1 tweet for your presentation, what would it be?
May Perforce be with you. #OdeToStarWars

How long have you been a Perforce fan?
5 years.

If someone slept while you were presenting, what would their dream be about?
Depends if that someone had cheese; apparently, eating cheese before sleeping causes wild, crazy dreams.

Where’s the most far-flung Perforce user on your team?
From Markham, Canada, that user would be in Hyderabad, India at ~8000 miles (~13000 km) away.