August 25, 2014

Announcing Partner Integrations and New Open Source Tools in Perforce Workshop


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Here's what's new from Perforce in August.

Deploy Code with Puppet and Perforce

Puppet Labs now supports Perforce with its vcsrepo module, making it possible to pull and deploy content directly from Perforce using standard Puppet scripts.

Download vcsrepo

Continuous Integration Using P4Plugin for Jenkins

Use Perforce repositories directly via our new Jenkins plugin, which makes it simple to pull code, automate reviews, apply labels, and more.

Download P4Plugin for Jenkins

Perforce Plugin for Shotgun Speeds Game Development

The Perforce Plugin for the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit speeds game development by linking tracking, scheduling, publishing, review, and more to Perforce directly from within Maya, Photoshop and other creative tools artists use every day.

Download Perforce Plugin for Shotgun

Parasoft and Perforce Swarm Integration for Automated Testing

Parasoft's Development Testing Platform, integrated with Perforce Swarm's collaborative code review, automates the consistent application of development testing practices—static analysis, unit testing, peer review, coverage analysis, runtime error detection, etc.— to deliver superior defect prevention. With this integration, codcooe review, code analysis, build, and test are now a single seamless process.

Download Parasoft Development Testing Platform

Perforce Workshop Project: P4 – Command Line and API Package

We open sourced our API and CLI for P4 and released it to Perforce Workshop. While we’ve provided builds of the API for years as well as a simple version of the command line, this release is the whole package. It’s been released under a 2-clause BSD license for your use.

Download P4 
Project History

Perforce Workshop Project: Piper – Lightweight Versioning App

A lot of users, especially artists, would like something a bit more visual than the CLI. Piper is a simple artist-focused tool that provides a very lightweight interface for artists. It automatically checks out files when you start making changes, allows for easy tagging of files, and integrates well with P4Search.

Download Piper 
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Perforce Workshop Project: Jam – Make Alternative

We have updated our very first piece of open source software, the Make alternative Jam. It’s a great solution that makes building simple things simple and complicated things manageable. You can browse the list of changes and grab the latest version from Perforce Workshop.

Download Jam 2.6
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