September 1, 2011

August Blog Recap

There were many updates to the blog in August. Here is our monthly recap: Video: Reporting & Submission Made Easier with TestTrack– Explains how FDA submission and reporting can be easier by using TestTrack. TDD 101: Learning Series- Beginning Test Drive Development in a Legacy System Webinar Recording– Provides best practices for starting TDD with a legacy codebase. TestTrack SDK Programmer’s Guide– Introduces the new web-based Programmer’s Guide that provides examples of common SOAP tasks, such as populating custom fields and editing items.TestTrack Reporting with Eclipse BIRT- Demonstrates how to set up a connection in TestTrack to use Eclipse BIRT’s reporting capabilities. Video: Electronic FDA Compliance Made Easier with TestTrack– Explains how life sciences organizations can use TestTrack for electronic document management, while still remaining compliant with FDA regulatory requirements. TestTrack Sample Scrum Project Downloads– Provides links to more sample Scrum projects in additional RDBMS formats. QA Wizard Pro How To: Automating Onto Virtual Machines– Explains how you can use QA Wizard Pro to run automated scripts on virtual machines. Webinar Recording: Measuring Technical Debt with Load Testing– Explains how QA testers can contribute considerable value to an organization by using load testing tools to better quantify the effect of technical debt on users. Video: TestTrack and Microsoft Visual Studio Integration– Provides an overview of integrating Microsoft Visual Studio integration with TestTrack.