January 29, 2009

Check it out -- Perforce has a blog!

MERGE User Conference

Two big things happened at Perforce this month: We expanded into our new building, and we started a blog. The new building is beautiful. It's an extension of our old one that nearly doubles our Alameda office space. It is light, airy, and has a view. Now we not only work on the waterfront, we can see the waterfront.

I took this shot of our new building reflected on a parked car. Notice the grass? Our outside parking lot is a high-tech matrix of living turf. As a technology, it has some glitches -- it gets a little muddy when it rains, for example. But it does absorb water, sunlight, and CO2, and it will be pleasantly cool underfoot on hot days. Meanwhile, Perforce's internal messaging, email, and wikis are humming as always with technical chat. Now the chat goes public, in p4 blog. We're launching with posts by Jason Gibson, Stewart Lord, and James Creasy. If you've ever availed yourself of Perforce's renowned tech support,  you may be acquainted with Jason or Stew already. They're on our software development staff now. James you may know from past user conferences -- he's a developer too, managing one of our GUI teams. These guys have insider knowledge andday-in-day-out familiarity with Perforce. Speaking of user conferences, our 2009 US conference is in April. Michael Shields and I are spearheading the technical review. If you have a proposal in mind, start writing -- the deadline is coming up!