June 11, 2013

Code Collaboration on the Fly

Helix Swarm
Version Control

Have you heard the buzz? Our elegant new code collaboration tool is now available. Perforce Swarm is a powerful platform where developers can have conversations about code changes, share creative ideas and help each other fix bugs quickly. Have a look at our 2-minute overview of Swarm.

swarm activity stream

Swarm is the place to connect to your team, your code and your continuous delivery pipeline. It does three BIG things and a bunch of little (but important) things. I’ll start with the big stuff…

  • First, Swarm keeps you in touch with your team. It’s project focused and offers activity streams of comments, changes, reviews and more—plus RSS feeds and other social goodness to keep you connected.
  • Second, Swarm lets you get peer review on your work. It uses shelving for an elegant pre-­flight review with side-­by-­side code comparisons, and captures in­line conversations about the code right inside the code snippets.
  • Third, Swarm gives you easy hooks into your build and test infrastructure. So you can quickly see whether a commit has passed build and test before approving and merging the change. You can even deploy your changes for immediate preview of what you just created.

As for all the other stuff Swarm does, there’s repository and ticket browsing, a fast and beautiful interface, collaboration on imported Git code through Git Fusion, integration with P4V, P4Eclipse and P4VS (coming soon). If you want more, you can extend it via plugins. And it’s all backed by Perforce’s distributed architecture and proven HA/DR capabilities.

Give Swarm a try and see your projects take flight. Sign up for a 45 ­day team trial today!