December 10, 2009

Consulting summit


I am in our US head quarters for our yearly consulting summit and still a bit jet-lagged, so here is an early morning post.

I must say I am extremely excited. Not only is it great to see all my colleagues and friends in the US again, but there is such a buzz here. 2010 is promising to be an exceptional year for new features and new products for Perforce. By now you have probably seen or at least heard of the enhancements we put into the server and P4V for 2009.2. The initial feedback for shelving have been very encouraging, and I hope we can build on this momentum to increase the attractive offerings for our customers.

But enough marketing talk. We have two long days ahead of us to talk about new trends in consulting and training, to exchange ideas and trade stories from the field and to further strengthen the bond we all feel between us. I must say, this is a great company to work for.

I hope I can tell you soon on what we have planned for the near future.

Till then: happy hacking.

Sven Erik