December 30, 2010

December 2010 Blog Recap

There were many updates to the blog in December. Here is our monthly recap: Quality Matters: It's in the Details - Small details can change your message and sabotage all of your planning and efforts.  Quality-centric ALM starts with Seapine. Integrating QA Wizard Pro with TestTrack- This video shows the simplicity of integrating QA Wizard Pro with TestTrack and how to automatically create a defect when the script fails. How to Make Sure Requirement Review Notes are Addressed - Provides information about how to properly address requirement review notes in TestTrack RM. QA Wizard Pro 2011 Wins Jolt Productivity Award - QA Wizard Pro was recently awarded the prestigious Jolt Productivity Award in the testing and debugging category. Integrating QA Wizard Pro with Surround SCM - This video describes the simplicity of archiving revisions and testing scripts when integrating QA Wizard Pro with Surround SCM. Configuring Surround SCM Check Out Options - Provides a tutorial on how to switch between allowing all or only allowing exclusive users to commit changes to files in a development project. Mac OS X Launch Shortcut in Surround SCM - Gives a brief tutorial on how to set a shortcut to launch the Surround SCM GUI for the Mac OS X. Load Testing How To - Includes a PDF download on how to plan, record, modify, and run a QA Wizard Pro web load test script, and then analyze the results. Is There a Place for Testers in an Agile World? - Describes Seapine's thoughts on what you should do if you are struggling to integrate testing into your Agile process. Open vs. Closed Workflow State Attributes - Gives a simple explanation of the difference between open and closed workflow state attributes in TestTrack. QA Wizard Pro Remote Testing How To - Includes a PDF download on how to plan, create, configure, and run automated test scripts in QA Wizard Pro on remote computers.