September 24, 2014

On-Demand Webinar: Evolving Your Product Development Practices for the Internet of Things

Thanks to everyone who participated in the “Evolving Your Product Development Practices for the Internet of Things” webinar. The webinar recording is now available if you weren’t able to attend or if you would like to watch it again. Additionally, the questions and answers from the webinar follow the video.

Questions & Answers

How do you tie requirements to test cases in Seapine TestTrack? It’s done automatically, as part of the process of creating test cases. When working with a requirement, there’s a button to “Create Test Case from Requirement” that copies data from the requirement (configurable via field mapping rules) and also creates a link back to the requirement (also configurable, via link definitions). What Internet of Things (IoT) products or vendors has Seapine worked with in the past? The IoT is kind of nebulous, we have a lot of customers doing complex product development that involves hardware, software and services together. This includes medical device manufacturers like Heartware, automotive suppliers such as Gentex, and manufacturers including Bobcat Corporation. You can view a list of customers here. What sort of configuration management and change control does Seapine offer? You can read about our configuration management solutions here. Is one license enough for an enterprise? Probably not, the software is licensed on a per-user basis. In general you would want one license for every user that’s going to be accessing the system on a regular basis. I understand we can import Word and Excel into TestTrack. Can we export requirements and test cases to Word and Excel for external validation? Yes, we have configurable templates for exporting requirements to Word. For Excel exports, we support CSV formatted output of most data within the system.