May 5, 2014

Developers are Kings and Queens, Reviewers are Stars

Helix Swarm

We’ve added more features you’re bound to love to Swarm’s 2014.2 release! One of the top feature requests we’ve implemented is the ability to flag someone as a required reviewer. A new notation easily assigns someone as a required reviewer: at-star-mentioning. Let’s see how this works.

Required Reviewers

In the example below, Ewan at-star-mentioned me with “@*nlemonier” to ensure that I reviewed his documentation changes. The handy notation adds a blue star to my avatar in the review and also blocks anyone from approving the review until I up-vote it. If Ewan @mentions someone without the star, he or she is simply a regular or optional reviewer.

How else can you make someone a required reviewer? In the example above, Ewan didn’t assign Stew as a required reviewer but later decided he really wanted Stew’s opinion. Luckily, Ewan can always edit the Reviewers dialog, so he can make Stew a required reviewer.

Edit Reviewers


You can get to the new Reviewers dialog by clicking the pencil icon next to the reviewers’ avatars. You can remove reviewers, add new reviewers via the handy type-ahead, or make reviewers optional or required.

The Supporting Cast

Some of the other interesting new features you’ll find in the 2014.2 release include the ability to define Project Owners and Branch Moderators as well as the ability to attach files to comments. Learn more about these topics in future blog posts or in Swarm’s online documentation.

Upgrade to Swarm 2014.2 to enjoy these new features. And the next time you ask someone to review your code, keep in mind it is that thoughtful feedback which helps make you the King, or Queen, of your craft!