November 15, 2013

DevTalk - Avoid Git Bloat and Submodule Hell


DevTalk: Avoid Git Bloat and Submodule HellJoin us on Tuesday, November 19th for the latest DevTalk Webinar: "Avoid Git Bloat and Submodule Hell".

How do you avoid the burden of working with bloated, monolithic Git repositories and sidestep the complexity of submodules?

Perforce Git Fusion lets you incrementally break up large Git repositories into small functional repositories. You can break off chunks for different teams and build localized processes around those smaller units, while also maintaining the "big" build. That way, you’ve got a pathway for migrating to a much more Agile delivery system.

Join Perforce engineer and Git user, Russ Tremain, as he discusses how Git Fusion can help you…

  • Avoid the hassle of splitting up large repos using standard Git tools
  • Create new repositories—either in Git or in Perforce—by picking and choosing the content you want
  • Prepare for your growth in products and teams

Register now and learn how simple these things are to do with Perforce.