March 13, 2014

GDC News: Perforce and Shotgun Help Games Studios Go Faster in Development

Next week at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) we’re rolling out our first pass of Shotgun with Perforce integration. This new toolset helps speed up game development by linking Shotgun production management (tracking, scheduling, publishing, review and more) with Perforce version control. Now artists can check assets in and out of Perforce directly from within Maya, Photoshop and the creative tools they use every day, and that check-in information shows up directly in Shotgun next to notes, tasks and other project information. Take a look...



Why does this matter? Because we’re connecting some important dots for everyone on the team that saves precious time.

  • Artists can check assets in and out of Perforce directly from within Maya, Photoshop and other top tools, using Shotgun’s artist-friendly user interface – never having to leave their creative applications.
  • Managers can easily connect art-tracking data such as character art lists and tasks directly to Perforce check-ins in each asset’s update stream, to keep teams apprised of latest versions. Reports based on Perforce check-ins and the option to query and drill down into check-ins provide access to asset details.
  • Pipeline engineers can leverage the growing library of Shotgun Toolkit applications -- launchers, loaders, publishers, asset browsers and more -- to customize, extend, and build essential artist tools quickly and deploy them rapidly to their teams. Shotgun provides frameworks to handle Perforce interaction so engineers don’t have to start from scratch.
  • Leads have immediate access when the review process and notes from Shotgun are connected to the assets checked into Perforce. Studios can link reviewable media with Perforce check-in and/or automate the creation of reviewable media with check-in.
  • All project participants can see important asset information such as creative briefs and notes in the same location as the Perforce check-ins. Through an automatic project update feed, thumbnail images for each check-in are created and added into Shotgun’s update streams so everyone can see the latest version of any specific asset or across the entire project in a familiar social-media style feed.

Shotgun and Perforce working together helps everyone on your team work faster, saving time and money and helping you ship your best, most creative product.

We’ve been collaborating closely with many of our games clients on this integration and invite you to join the discussion when the beta goes live next week. We’ll be at GDC, so drop us a line or come by the Perforce booth (#824) on Friday 10-12 for a demo. Or, you can learn more about us here.