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February 11, 2019

Growth & Potential: 2 Reasons to Be Excited About the Rogue Wave Acquisition


Growth. It’s great.

From a company perspective, it means you’re doing the right things well.

Which brings me to why I’m writing: I couldn’t be more thrilled about the recent growth our company Perforce has achieved with the latest acquisition of Rogue Wave Software.

Here’s what it means from a numbers perspective:

Perforce is now approaching $300 million in total revenue. We have over 900 employees in 80 countries.

For a sense of scale, when we started this journey, a little over three years ago, Perforce was approximately a $50 million company with 200 employees.


That’s all I can say. I couldn’t be more proud of everyone on our team (Perforce newcomers and veterans). They’re definitely doing the right things well.

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Rogue Wave and Perforce: Great Potential

Rogue Wave’s portfolio of products, much like recent acquisitions of Perfecto and PRQA (now Helix QAC), bring thrilling new opportunities to Perforce customers that want to accelerate development, improve security, and fuel DevOps at scale.

You’ll recognize some of their powerful solutions, which include:

Gliffy by Perforce: Diagrams and Charts

It’s the #1 selling Confluence application on the Atlassian marketplace. The reason? It lets organizations quickly create, share, and collaborate on diagrams, charts, and other visual content.

Klocwork by Perforce: Static Code Analysis

This tool helps embedded software development teams achieve higher reliability and quality in mission-critical systems.

Akana by Perforce: API Management

Want to create new revenue streams? Simplify access to internal applications? Secure programmatic access to applications with cloud and on-premises deployment options? Akana is a leader.

JRebel by Perforce: Java Development

This solution makes Java developers happier and more productive (can’t argue with that) by accelerating Java application reload and test times.

Zend by Perforce: Enterprise PHP

Drive stability, reliability, security, and performance for PHP-based web applications with Zend Server.

OpenLogic by Perforce: Enterprise Open Source Support

OpenLogic has the experts behind IBM’s community open-source support offering. This is your single source for comprehensive open-source services and support, covering all the layers of the stack, from application to infrastructure. With it, you can giving your teams confidence in deploying full open-source in-production environments.


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Looking Forward

The recent acquisition of Rogue Wave means many exciting opportunities to our customers, partners, and employees. I’m looking forward to what comes next and I hope you are, too. So, here’s to doing more of the right things as well as we can.

Before I sign off, I should also mention that all this growth means we’re hiring! If you want to work with amazing people (and I can say that, because I work with them), check out careers at Perforce.

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