Helix TeamHub Cloud Update
December 15, 2017

December Cloud Update to Helix TeamHub Improves Code Quality

Developer Collaboration

The holidays are fast approaching, but we wanted to delight our Helix TeamHub users with another cloud update before we take a breath, enjoy a good meal with our near and dear, and think back on the year.

The cloud update to Helix TeamHub consists of a few small enhancements that revolve around code review workflows. After all, this is one of the most essential parts of software development and code collaboration workflow. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the details.

Reset Code Review Approvals on Changes to Feature Branch

There are times when we want an extremely tight grip on code reviews. You may want to trigger a new round of approvals before new changes to the feature branch can be merged. Thanks to the latest cloud update, this is now possible.

Developer collaboration tools like Helix TeamHub improve code quality and reviews
Resetting code review approvals on changes to feature branch

The latest update to Helix TeamHub now allows you to configure code reviews to automatically reset the approvals when new changes are pushed to the feature branch under review. This extra quality assurance measure reduces the chance of last minute bugs and improves code quality because someone needs to approve the new changes in the feature branch before the merge.

There are two different ways to configure this new functionality. The first option is to manually reset the approvals on changes to the feature branch for each respective code review. The second option is to set it as the default for a given repository, which enforces the setting for all reviews created for the respective repository.

Enforce Reviewers

The December cloud update now allows users to control who can assign reviewers and approve code changes. Enforcing reviewers is set from the repository settings, and when applied, does the following:

  • Only administrators and master roles are able to set reviewers for code reviews.
  • Only the reviewers can give an approval to the code review.
Source code repository platforms like Helix TeamHub provide comprehensive code approval settings
Enforce reviewers is set from the repository settings.

I have found that the Enforced Reviewers functionality works well when combined with default reviewers that automatically assign certain people as reviewers. When used in combination, you will benefit from greater automation and control over your code review and development workflow.

Updated End User Documentation

Besides rolling out new features, we also engaged in a comprehensive exercise to update the end user documentation. If there is additional information that you would like in the Helix TeamHub knowledge base, please let us know.

Cancel Your Account From the Web UI

Everyone loves Helix TeamHub, right? Unfortunately, there are some who after trying it out, find that it doesn’t suit their needs. Thus, we have made cancelling your account as easy as possible. The update now includes a way for company administrators to cancel their Helix TeamHub account from the company settings.

Helix TeamHub, a Git Code Review Tool, can be canceled from the Web interface
Cancel your account from the web UI

Smaller Enhancements and Bug Fixes

In terms of smaller enhancements, Helix TeamHub now allows multi-word search terms to be used when linking issues and code reviews in markdown content. Also, a bug where the committer avatar was missing after navigating to a diff view in a certain order was fixed.

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