Helix TeamHub 2017.2 brings many more visibility to the end user as well as improvements under the hood.
November 10, 2017

Helix TeamHub 2017.2 Helps Global Teams Scale Git for Enterprise DevOps

Developer Collaboration

We are very excited to announce the release of Helix TeamHub 2017.2! Helix TeamHub 2017.2 brings more visibility to the end user as well as improvements under the hood. Let’s take a look at some of the latest enhancements. For a more detailed overview of the changes, please review the release notes.  

Expandable Diffs

One of the most awaited features in Helix TeamHub 2017.2 is the ability to expand the context around diffs. Expandable diffs are a time saver because you no longer need to leave the Helix TeamHub to do a complete code review.

When there’s a change that touches a function or a class, Helix TeamHub used to show only a certain number of lines before and after the changes in the diffs. However, for changes that touch a larger subset of the codebase, you typically need to see the whole class definition or a function in order to review the changes. This is now possible with expandable diffs.

Expandable Diffs
Clicking the up or down caret expands your view of the code above or below, in case you need more context to review the change.

You can expand the diffs indefinitely — starting from the beginning of the file until the end. Expanding happens with the buttons before and after the changes.

Tweak Diff Limits (Enterprise Only)

When you are working with extremely large changesets, Helix TeamHub Enterprise now lets you configure diff limits based on several properties. The default limits have been set to offer a smooth user experience but that naturally comes at the cost of not being able to show large changesets. In Helix TeamHub Enterprise 2017.2, you can configure fine-grained limits to hide the diffs.

The configuration of the diff limits happens through the “hth.json” configuration file. You can configure limits various ways:

  • Maximum number of files
  • Maximum number of lines
  • Maximum size of a file in a diff
  • Timeout for generating the diff

Tuning these limits might have performance implications, so use caution when tweaking.

Code Review Listing Improvements

Helix TeamHub 2017.2 has revised parts of the code review listing to show more meaningful and actionable information to the end user. We received great feedback from users on the code review listing in Helix TeamHub and incorporated that feedback into the latest release.

The enhanced code review listing shows the number of approvals, the build status, and the reviewers assigned to the code review. With the extra information, you can quickly distinguish what state the review is in.

Code Review Listing
It’s easier than ever for team members to know when they need to act, resulting in better productivity.

For example, if there are no reviewers, it means the review hasn’t started. If, on the other hand, the approval count has been met, you can assume that the review can be safely merged.

Also, the creator of the review is no longer shown as an avatar but rather their name is shown under the name of the review.

LargeFiles Support for Mercurial Repositories

Helix TeamHub supports Git, Subversion (SVN), and Mercurial (HG) version control systems. Storing large binary files to Mercurial and Git repositories is painful, but both Git and Mercurial have alternative ways to store large binary files to Git repositories. In Mercurial, one of the native alternatives is LargeFiles.

Although LargeFiles is a native extension that is delivered with Mercurial, it needs to be enabled separately. Helix TeamHub 2017.2 now allows you to enable the Mercurial Largefiles extension through the repository settings. Once LargeFiles extension is enabled for a particular repository, you are unable to disable it.

LargeFiles Support for Mercurial Repos
The Largefiles extension setting is found within the Repository Settings, under the Maintenance menu.

Changes in Supported Operating Systems (Enterprise Only)

Helix TeamHub 2017.2 adds support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Debian 8 and 9. Helix TeamHub 2017.2 no longer supports Ubuntu 12 or Debian 6 or 7.

Smaller Enhancements and Bug Fixes

In addition to bug fixes, which can be found in the Release Notes, Helix TeamHub 2017.2 includes a few minor enhancements.

You can now configure the webhook content type via the dropdown menu instead of a text field. Also, the layout selection for listing issues is now preserved in browser localStorage. Lastly, you can create relative links to the Helix TeamHub instance in question using Markdown syntax.

Try Helix TeamHub for Free

Try the enhancements yourself by signing up for the free cloud version. If you want to see the new enhancements up close, register for the next live demo.