September 13, 2017

What's New in Helix TeamHub 2017.1

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Repository Management
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As we welcome Helix TeamHub 2017.1 into the Perforce family, I want to give you a full rundown of the new features longtime users and initiates alike can expect to be able to leverage in the latest release.

Please note that this release is currently available only in the cloud. We'll release the on-premises packages at the beginning of October.

Default Reviewers for Code Reviews

With the release of 2017.1, you have the ability to set default reviewers on Git and Mercurial repositories.

Assigning Default Reviewers for Code Review in TeamHub

Here are a few pointers for you to start managing default reviewers for your repositories:

First, head to the Code Review tab under Repository Settings, and select the team members who will be added automatically to each review created for the repository in question.

Default reviewers allow you to streamline the review workflow by automatically assigning the correct team members to review changes. Designated reviewers see code reviews they've been assigned from the dashboard, so they know which reviews to work on immediately after signing in to Helix TeamHub.

Default Reviewer Assigned Reviews

Filter Code Reviews by Assignee

In addition to default reviews, Helix TeamHub 2017.1 delivers another important improvement to your code reviews. When you want to see your review — or anyone else’s, you can conveniently search for code reviews without opening each review to see who was assigned as a reviewer.

Filtering Code Reviews in TeamHub 2017.1

Smaller Enhancements

Last but not least, we've made a few smaller enhancements to Helix TeamHub 2017.1 for a sleeker experience within the UI:

  • Applying notification settings is a breeze with clearer instructions
  • Finding your projects is faster and easier with a combined view of all repositories.
  • Wikis without a file no longer cause errors.
  • Going back to all issue listings no longer automatically selects the default milestone, but remembers your selection.

Beauty from the Inside Out

We wanted Helix TeamHub 2017.1 to look as great on the inside as it does on the outside, which is why the latest release has made a few important upgrades on its backend. Ruby, MongoDB, Nginx and Redis have been upgraded to the latest versions. In addition, Helix TeamHub 2017.1 will no longer require a custom-built OpenSSH package. Naturally, these backend component upgrades provide users with the most robust security and performance possible. But they’ll also play a vital role as we continue to roll out more features for you in the future.

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