September 2, 2014

IP Reuse and Component-based Development

MERGE User Conference

I have an obscure passion for code reuse and efficient engineering environments. It was one of the reasons I was hired at Boeing/Jeppesen eight years ago, when the company looked to improve efficiency between teams working on separate products with a lot of technical overlap.

Thanks to the many benefits of Perforce, including its robust API, we built an SCM framework optimized for component sharing across different teams and projects. This implementation has grown organically over the last eight years and is now used for sharing hundreds of internally developed software packages across more than a hundred projects. It’s also nicely integrated into the rest of our enterprise tools for easy traceability all the way from requirements to test runs on CI builds.

At MERGE 2014, I explained our SCM methodologies and the custom tools we built using the Perforce APIs to streamline developer workflows, and discussed high level concepts and how developers interact with our system seamlessly on a daily basis at development sites all around the world.

Watch my presentation and learn how to become more effective at promoting code reuse.