June 30, 2011

June 2011 Blog Recap

There were many updates to the blog  in June. Here is our monthly recap: Eight Years in a Row – This is the eighth year in a row that Seapine Software is one of the SD Times Top 100 companies that “write the code that makes the whole software-development industry succeed.” Limiting TestTrack Field Choices with Field Relationships –Discusses how to use field relationships in TestTrack to help improve organization and efficiency. {Press Release} Seapine ALM 2011.1 Now Available for Software Developers, Testers – Announces the newest release of Seapine ALM 2011.1. Why are most life science companies still using 1990s technology? – Discusses the results of the our recent life sciences product development artifacts survey, and provides more information about the FDA's intended meaning of "documentation." Video: Syncing Working Directories with Surround SCM Repositories – Demonstrates how to sync your working directories with local changes. Using Microsoft Excel Macros to Perform Date Calculations in QA Wizard Pro – Explains how to use Excel macros to perform date calculations. Introducing Seapine ALM Reporting Platform – Provides more information about the new Seapine ALM Reporting Platform, which is a database warehouse that can contain data from the entire Seapine ALM suite. Introducing the QA Wizard Pro Server – Provides more information about the new QA Wizard Pro Server, which gives you additional options for reporting and monitoring script status. Surround SCM Branches Versus Perforce Streams – Compares Perforce’s new streams to Seapine’s existing Surround SCM branches. TestTrack Pro Scrum Sample Project – Showcases TestTrack Pro features for teams looking to incorporate Agile practices into their development and quality teams. Video: Surround SCM Branching – Provides an overview of branching, including the benefits of branching, a review of branch types, and how to create branches