August 8, 2012

Learn All About P4Sandbox in an Hour


We are excited to announce the availability of a new course for P4Sandbox on our eLearning portal. This course teaches you how to:

  • Create, configure, and populate a P4Sandbox environment on your local machine
  • Use the streams GUI widgets within P4V and the Perforce command-line client to work in the P4Sandbox environment
  • Create local streams to work within the P4Sandbox environment
  • Propagate changes from the P4Sandbox environment back to the Perforce shared versioning service

A set of hands-on labs, that are part of the course, provides a test bed for rehearsing various concepts such as installing and configuring P4Sandbox, pushing changes to the Perforce Shared Versioning Service repository, resolving conflicts, etc. A quiz at the end of the course tests your newly acquired knowledge. Once you pass the course quiz, you can print out a certificate as an attestation of your new skill.

This one-hour course is available for just $75 per person. If you already have an annual subscription to the eLearning portal, the P4Sandbox course has been added to the courses available to you at no extra charge, in the "My Courses" section of the Perforce Training Center portal. For more information on how to register for the eLearning portal and volume discounts, go to our eLearning Registration page.