April 12, 2012

Learning Perforce Streams: Double the Convenience, Half the Cost


streams logoThe Professional Serivces team at Perforce is excited about the new Perforce Streams course that was just released on our eLearning portal. Our curriculum developers and subject matter experts collaborated to compose a 2-hour course that enables you to:

  • Describe codelines and branches using terminology appropriate to streams
  • Use the streams GUI widgets within P4V to leverage the power of streams' built-in workflows
  • Quickly switch workspaces and propagate changes across streams
  • Create and populate stream depots and stream hierarchies
  • Establish naming conventions for streams and stream folders
  • Configure and maintain client workspaces in streams
  • Reparent streams

The hands-on labs that are part of this course provide a test bed for rehearsing various concepts such as creating release streams, importing projects into a stream, and refactoring through reparenting. The quiz at the end of the course tests and validates your newly gained knowledge, and a certificate upon successful completion of the course is yours as an attestation of your new skill. So if you've been thinking of making the leap from Classic Perforce to Streams, here is your chance to come up to speed on the essentials within a couple of hours.

For a limited time, we are also running a promotion that offers a 50% discount for this course; go to this page to get your discount code. If you are an existing subscriber to the eLearning portal, this new course is already available to you (in the "My Courses" section of the portal) at no extra charge.

Promotional pricing ends July 1, 2012.