September 12, 2014

Managing Commit and Release Decisions with "JEST"

Continuous Delivery
MERGE User Conference

At 23andMe, we provide our Personal Genome Service(R) to customers via our public website. Earlier this year, we began considering how adoption of Continuous Delivery for the site will affect our internal development efforts. We'll move from a fixed calendar of sequential releases to a multitude of independent, variable-length development efforts. Exact milestone dates for product delivery will no longer be predictable, because product changes will come to fruition at any time, in any order, and with little or no advance notice.

As a release engineer, this drew my attention toward a rarely addressed aspect of the release process: How will we know when each of these independent sets of product changes is ready for release? Can software testing alone determine readiness? Who should have veto authority over the decision to release? How will we engage the requisite stakeholders, and track the group consensus for each change set?

Enter "JEST," an acronym for Jobs, Email, and Submit Triggers. Using these basic tools, we created an end-to-end solution for managing software release decisions across the organization. Moreover, this solution can be used throughout development, whenever a formal decision is needed for committing a change set to a higher state of readiness.

If you want to learn more about the effect of continuous delivery on these commit/release decisions; how job views can be used in novel ways; and/or why triggers are my favorite feature in Perforce, then this presentation is for you!


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