March 31, 2011

March 2011 Blog Recap

There were many updates to the blog in March. Here is our monthly recap: Working with Clickonce Applications in QA Wizard Pro - Describes how to configure an automatic launch without requiring an additional program or add-in, or disabling any security features. Traceability Exercises to Help Avoid an FDA 484 Warning - This workbook includes six exercises to help Life Sciences organizations improve traceability, with the goal of boosting quality and improving compliance with FDA regulations. Webinar Recording: When requirements change - Explores the business needs for requirement traceability, and how it can be used to ensure that change is identified and tracked through the lifecycle. Video: Importing Requirements from Microsoft Word into TestTrack RM - This video shows you how to import Microsoft Word documents into TestTrack RM. Configuring Electronic Signatures in TestTrack - Explains how to implement electronic signatures, which are not enabled by default. Using Time Tracking in TestTrack RM - Describes how to set up time tracking for test cases and test runs. Configuring TestTrack Folder Type Icons - Explains how you can set up folder icons in TestTrack. Webinar Recording: Understanding the Business case for Agile - Explains how businesses are continually relying on Agile to keep up with competition and to meet deadlines. How To: Using QA Wizard Pro External Datasheets - Provides a walk through of creating an external datasheet, associating it with a script or using datasheet statements and functions, and running the script using the datasheet values.