June 1, 2011

May 2011 Blog Recap

There were many updates to the blog in May. Here is our monthly recap:
Video: QA Wizard Pro 2011.1 Keyword View - Provides an overview of the new Keyword View features. Agile and the Veteran Project Manager - Discusses how far Agile has come since the 1990s, and how veteran project managers fit in. Controlling Default User Options in Surround SCM - Explains how you can control default user options in Surround SCM. Finding Batch File Reports in QA Wizard Pro - Provides tips for finding batch file reports in QA Wizard Pro.
Webinar Recording: Take the Pain out of Test Case Management - Explains why you need test case management, how you know you've outgrown your homegrown solution, and goes over requirements, testing, and defects. Automatic Notification Best Practices - Explains automated notifications in Seapine ALM. Object Oriented Testing - Talks about object oriented testing and the benefits of creating a large number of procedures, functions, routines, and methods that are independent of the core testing scripts. How To Make a TestTrack Field Required Based on State or Field Value - Provides a step-by-step demonstration of how to set a required field based on state or another field. TestTrack Folder Task Board Report – Now With Configurable Columns - Provides more information about the new Folder Task Board Report With Configurable Columns report in TestTrack 2011.1.
Agile XXL: Scaling Agile for Project Teams eBook - Introduces the new Agile XXL: Scaling Agile for Project Teams eBook, which discusses how to scale Agile project teams, specifically addressing both team size and team distribution. Bookmarking in Surround SCM - Explains the new bookmarking feature in Surround SCM 2011.1. Video: Running Manual Tests in TestTrack - Shows how to run manual tests in TestTrack, including using the detail steps grid. It also shows how the information transfers to a defect that is created from the failed test. Video: Authoring Test Cases in TestTrack - Shows you how to write test cases in TestTrack and discusses test case best practices. It also shows a new enhancement in the upcoming 2011.1 release of TestTrack that allows you to include attachments with each step.