May 31, 2012

May Blog Recap

There were many updates to our blog in May. Here is our monthly recap: Webinar Recording: Maximizing Requirements Value Throughout the Product Lifecycle—Take a look at this valuable webinar about getting the most from requirements throughout the product lifecycle. A transcript of the post-event Q & A follows. Video: Dashboard Reporting Using TestTrack Live Charts—After receiving several questions about live charts, Seapine's Gerhard Kruger shows you how to create a TestTrack dashboard. Seapine ALM 2012.1 Release Announcement—Learn about the new features in Seapine ALM 2012.1, which was released earlier this month. Improved IDE Usability in QA Wizard Pro 2012.1—This post details several UI tweaks to the latest version of QA Wizard Pro.VirtualScopics Gains Enhanced Product Development Visibility—Learn how VirtualScopics uses TestTrack to get greater visibility into their product development lifecycle, while staying compliant with FDA regulations. For(mat) Your Eyes Only—When QA Wizard Pro reads in a numeric value from a datasheet it strips off the leading zeros. Learn how to use the Format statement to replace stripped digits. Moving Items To and From Folders with TestTrack Automation Rules—With the 2012.1 release of TestTrack, moving files to and from folders is easy and seamless with automation rules. 5 Features You Should Consider Using In TestTrack—Michael Tackett, senior software architect, shares his list of the top five TestTrack features and why you should consider using them too. Automatically Emailing QA Wizard Pro Results—Learn how to configure email notifications that are automatically sent to specific people when script, batch, and load test playback is complete.