January 5, 2016

My Newest QA Wizard Pro Mantra: Keep Calm and Go To Definition

Helix ALM
Here’s a QA Wizard Pro situation I’ve run into more than once (and I bet you have too). I’m reviewing a long and complex script—most times to track down the actual cause of a playback error, sometimes to familiarize myself with a ‘new to me’ script—when I stumble across a mystery function I don’t recognize and can't even begin to guess at what it does based on the cryptic name it’s been given. So, what do I do? Frown and scratch my head? Maybe, but only for a quick second. Run off to ask someone else for help? Not immediately, but that’s always a good option to tuck in my back pocket for later. Panic? Never! I… qawpKeepCalmGoToDefinition Or in ‘how to do this in the product’ terms: I simply right-click the function and choose Go To Definition. (I could also place my cursor in the function and choose Script > Go To Definition, but right-clicking is easier.) qawpGoToDefMenuItem Boom! QA Wizard Pro works its magic and takes me right to the line where that function was defined. Even if the function is defined in another script in the workspace, it’s no big deal. QA Wizard Pro opens it for me. qawpGoToDefFoundDefinition I no longer have to hunt down every single script that calls a user-defined function in some huge workspace, open each script one at a time, and manually search for a definition.  Go to Definition also finds definitions for user-defined subroutines and variables, so it really saves me a lot of time whenever I encounter something in a script I’m not too sure about. So the next time you find yourself staring at a user-defined function, subroutine, or variable and wondering what it's used for, remember to Keep Calm and Go To Definition. Note: Go to Definition was introduced in QA Wizard Pro 2016. Don’t miss out on this great feature and other enhancements—upgrade today!