December 1, 2011

November Blog Recap

There were many updates to our blog on November. Here is our monthly recap: Three Quick Ways to Tweak the Default Requirements Workflow - Explains how to make three quick tweaks to the sample workflow: configuring when requirements and requirement documents are locked, enabling test cases to be generated from requirements, and configuring the workflow states and events. Collaborative Agile Task Board Boosts TestTrack - Shows how easy the Agile Task Board is when using it in TestTrack. Webinar Recording – Agile XXL: Scaling Agile for Project Teams - Discusses the people, process, and tools that must be in harmony before you can successfully scale an enterprise Agile team. Configuring the TestTrack Agile Task Board - Explains how to configure the TestTrack Agile Task Board.
Changing Project Binding to Surround SCM Integration Provider with Visual Studio 2010 - Explains how to bind to Surround SCM as the source code provider for an existing Visual Studio project. Using the QA Wizard Pro Stopwatch Functions - Shows how the startstopwatch and stopstopwatch functions are used in QA Wizard Pro.