August 7, 2013

Now Available for Free: Commons Cloud Document Collaboration Service

Version Control

Many Perforce customers are already using Commons, our new document collaboration system. To make it easier to try Commons, we’ve launched Commons Cloud, a free service that lets you get up and running immediately.

Our new offering isn’t just another cloud file storage system. Built on Perforce, Commons maintains a complete copy of every version of your files. And it presents your communications in an activity stream right alongside the files, so your communication and workflow become part of the file history.

Drag files into Commons and it helps you figure out what to do with them. It stores them in just the right place, tells you if someone has edited your file, lets you know if there are any conflicts that need to be resolved and provides you with a list of appropriate actions. It even automatically merges MS Word and PowerPoint files for you.

With Commons Cloud, you create a “Team” and invite others to join. Up to 20 people can join your Team and you can join as many Teams as you like. Create personal, workgroup, and public “Spaces” depending on what level of access you would like for your collaboration process.