September 23, 2015

P4Connect Gets A Facelift


P4Connect is a Unity3d editor extension which integrates the Perforce Helix Versioning Engine (P4D) with the Unity game development environment.

An important component of the Helix tool suite, P4Connect is free to all users, and works equally well for everyone who needs to use professional tools, whether large organizations with big bucks or smaller studios with tiny budgets. P4Connect works with P4D, whether a free 20/20 version or a paid commercial license. It also works just great with all Unity license types (it does NOT require a Unity Pro or Team license). P4Connect works with Unity 4.6+ and Unity 5+ on Windows and Mac OS X.

We’ve listened to our users, and have made many improvements to P4Connect since its initial release last year. In addition to UI enhancements and fixing incompatibilities introduced by Unity 5.1.1, new features include:

  • Project view menus now allow adds, deletes, and syncs of entire directories
  • Configuration dialog is now more resizable and intuitive
  • Dialog performance is improved, particularly when viewing large changelists
  • Automated builds are now supported, greatly improving build reliability
  • SSL is now supported
  • P4D Unicode mode is enabled
  • Caching of information about assets and Perforce state is improved
  • P4Connect can now generate its own log, recording activity as it runs
  • Product version is now automated, and follows the standard Perforce release numbering scheme (it’s release 15.2, not 2.8!)

We also fixed some bugs related to re­creating files which were previously deleted in P4D.

Users can contribute to the development of P4Connect in the Perforce Workshop, home to our open source community. Come see us at Unite 2015 Boston to find out more!