December 12, 2011

Partner of the Month: Downsized Games


This series of articles highlights Perforce's integration and technology partners. Expect to see future articles in this series about once a month.


Downsized Games makes P4U, a Perforce plugin for Unity3D.

Tell us a little bit about your company and your products

Downsized Games was founded by four ex- Pandemic Studio employees, who were perfectly happy with their lives until their studio was shut down. Instead of lying down and taking it, they seized the opportunity to create games the way they always wanted: fun and fast.

Perforce Plugin for Unity3D
Perforce Plugin for Unity3D

What benefits do we get from integrating your product with Perforce? Describe any key technical challenges that are solved.

Unity3D is a fantastic game development tool but it lacks an integrated version control interface.

Who would benefit most from using your product with Perforce? Developers, product managers, administrators?

Developers, specifically artists will now have an integrated interface with industry standard version control.