May 27, 2011

Partner of the Month: Electric Cloud


This series of articles highlights Perforce's integration and technology partners. Expect to see future article in this series about once a month. Be sure to check out Electric Cloud at the Perforce User Conference.


Electric Cloud makes ElectricCommander and ElectricAccelerator. Electric Cloud is a long-time member of Perforce's technology integration program, and is also a sponsor of this year's Perforce User Conference.

Tell us a little bit about your company and your products

Electric Cloud helps hundreds of mid- to large-sized R&D organizations around the world enabling internal agile development clouds by automating and accelerating their end-to-end development workflows, realizing millions of dollars in cost-savings by reduced manual labor, consolidated IT investments and faster turnaround-times/TTM. More specifically, Electric Cloud has two main products on the market today:

  • ElectricCommander – a workflow automation solution tailored to automate, orchestrate and accelerate the end-to-end software development lifecycle; running any build/test/deploy/packaging/release-process on any underlying resource, may that be physical, virtual, cloud-based infrastructure or on any custom embedded device.
  • ElectricAccelerator – a point solution for accelerating compute-intensive software builds by distributing and parallelizing the workload on a large number of connected machines, reducing runtimes by up to 20-30x bringing hour long builds and computations down to minutes or even seconds.

What benefits do we get from integrating your product with Perforce? Describe any key technical challenges that are solved.

For many of our customers, the tight integration between Perforce and the Electric Cloud products form a key mission-critical component of their backbone R&D infrastructure, eliminating many of the critical bottlenecks that technology companies are facing when adopting agile methodologies. Organizations rely on the speed and flexibility of Perforce to manage and control the inflow of modifications and branches to all the critical software assets, while Electric Cloud enables the automation and acceleration to provide rapid feedback loops such as Preflight builds, Continuous Integration and Deployment for any team at any stage in the R&D organization – Development, QA and Release.

Who would benefit most from using your product with Perforce? Developers, product managers, administrators?

Our technology provides tremendous value for many different users within a R&D organization. For developers, the results of their software builds, tests and analysis processes are returned much faster with greater visibility, QA engineers are able to spend much less manual labor configuring test resources and test automation scripts, managers at any level get increased real-time visibility into the status of their development projects, and Operations and IT administrators get a technology that enables them to tightly tie their precious IT infrastructure together with the compute-intensive development/test-processes to form integrated Development Clouds.

Describe your experience integrating your product with Perforce. Was it relatively simple?

Yes, very simple! We provide out-of-the-box integrations with Perforce and about 25-30% of our customers are using this combined and integrated technology to support their development environment.

The way Perforce handles and visualizes changelists makes it a particularly ideal SCM system for implementing and enabling effective continuous integration and developer preflights, even in the most complex environments.

We do not have to look very far for a successful integration between our Electric Cloud solutions and Perforce – as a matter of fact, the engineering teams of both our companies are using this combined technology to power our development and software engineering efforts!

Please share any insights you have on effectively using your product with Perforce.

A couple of months back, we happened to release new versions of both our products on the same day. As an interesting post-analysis exercise, we pulled out some data from our internal development cloud – in many aspects powered by ElectricCommander, ElectricAccelerator and Perforce. This data is further presented in a blog-post, but in essence it highlighted that we run some 80000 automated tests for every preflight and checkin made into our Perforce repository and a total of almost 100 million tests for a single release, illustrating the enabling strengths and flexibility of Perforce used in combination with Electric Cloud.

Electric Cloud engineers praise Perforce for its superior speed, flexibility and intuitive ease-of-use, and the way it transparently supports any software development lifecycle without being “in the way”.