August 1, 2011

Partner of the month: Lyra Infosystems


This article is part of a series about Perforce's integration and technology partners. Expect to see future articles in this series about once a month.


Lyra Infosystems makes P4PI, an integration between Perforce and Protex. Lyra joined Perforce's integration program earlier this year and is also Perforce's sales partner in India.

Tell us a little bit about your company and your product

Lyra means a small constellation, a group of stars that appear to make a picture in the sky. Lyra Infosystems (Lyra) was founded by professionals with several years of experience in the Embedded industry. We at Lyra are a blend of experienced, enthusiastic, ethical and entrepreneurial young professionals. As a company, Lyra has two working practices, the product distribution practice and software services practice. Product distribution practice partners with product companies for providing dedicated Pre-sales, Sales and Technical support. With more than 50 years of combined experience in the embedded field Lyra primarily focuses on building the market for new products in India and the Asia Pacific region and bringing the awareness of the product to the India market.

P4PI is a utility which integrates Perforce and Protex (Black Duck Software Inc. platform). Current integration is such that as soon as user submits the changelist into the Perforce repository, the Protex scan is initiated. Protex will scan the submitted source code and send a report (based on a predefined template) to the user and management. User and management will have information about the health of the code, specifically if there are any open source components used and whether the code meets the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) obligations and company policies. Using this report user/management can take corrective actions if necessary.

P4PI can be customized/automated based on the enterprise requirements and Lyra can offer its services to customize the tool.

What benefits do we get from integrating your product with Perforce? Describe any key technical challenges that are solved.

Using the Lyra P4PI tool, an enterprise can enforce policies in such a way that only code which meets the FOSS obligations gets submitted into the Perforce repository. Hence the product shipped will be compliant with company policy for FOSS.

Who would benefit most from using your product with Perforce? Developers, product managers, administrators?

All three will benefit from using this tool. Developer will know if by mistake any FOSS is used in the code. Managers and administrators will know that code delivered by the team is compliant with company policies for FOSS.