October 31, 2011

Partner of the Month: Nevigo


This series of articles highlights Perforce's integration and technology partners. Expect to see future article in this series about once a month.


Nevigo GmbH makes articy:draft. Nevigo is one of the newest members of the Perforce integration community.

Tell us a little bit about your company and your products

Nevigo GmbH, founded in 2009, is a software company, headquartered in Bochum, Germany. Our focus lies on creating synergies between the production of movies and video games. We develop tools for designing and producing video games, for pre-visualizing movie and game film scenes and for displaying, editing and converting laser scanner data.

Flow Editor
Flow Editor

Our product articy:draft is tailored to the specific demands of non-linear storytelling. Finally, story and dialog design for games becomes blindingly easy. With its graphical flow visualization, articy:draft lets you compose interactive stories with great freedom of action for its players and at the same time keep track over dramaturgy and player experience. You can work online with other designers, writers and artists and benefit largely from the integrated asset management and workflow functionalities. articy:draft is the breakthrough tool for story-driven game projects, drastically increasing productivity and joy of use throughout the entire production.

Who would benefit most from using your product with Perforce? Developers, product managers, administrators?

Basically anyone who uses articy:draft as it allows to track the changes of the other users. With its integrated multi-user features, articy:draft serves as a comfortable foundation for creative collaboration, increasing productivity, fun and – most of all – storytelling quality. articy:draft can be used as the “central design hub”. You can import your concept art, videos or other documents, categorize and manage them and then just drag & drop them onto the fragments or elements of your story. Especially the extensive cross referencing within the tool lets articy:draft stand out from any other available tool for game designers. And thanks to our client-server-approach and Perforce integration, our software allows all designers in a team to work closely together and track the changes of other people. Now game writers can work on their projects from all around the world, even at Starbucks.

Please share any insights you have on effectively using your product with Perforce.

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