April 14, 2011

Partners and Integrations Update


One of the hats I wear here at Perforce is managing our technology partner program. I'd like to start providing regular updates on this program, as I think it provides a lot of value to our customers and partners alike.

Most of our customers would be familiar with this program by way of the integrations it provides. A lot of the stable, high quality Perforce integrations are provided through this program. There's a steady flow of new integrations, so its worth checking the integration list periodically. In the past few weeks, for instance, Inflectra, Pattern Insight, Protecode, Project:Merge, and Pulse have certified their integrations.

As for that word certified, it implies that Perforce has collected some basic technical information about the integration, and seen a live demonstration. Not all of the integrations listed on our web site are certified, but most are. Certification doesn't mean that we officially support these products. We can only make that claim for the products that we produce ourselves, some of which are also listed on the integrations page.

By my count we have over 50 certified integrations, so the program is vibrant and active. I think that reflects how easy it is to build on Perforce, using one of the APIs or client programs.

I'm also hoping to make some improvements to the program in the future. One of my goals is to display more information about each integration, such as which versions of Perforce it supports. Another major goal is to allow our partners and customers to have more dynamic communication. When customers and partners exchange feedback and other information, the whole program becomes more valuable to all concerned. Stay tuned for more news on these initiatives later on.

If there's anything more you'd like to see out of the technology partner program, or you have any feedback, please drop me a line. And if you're thinking about integrating another product with Perforce, I'm happy to provide assistance. I might even come up with a prize for the 100th certified integration...