October 7, 2011

The Perforce Directory Standard and Streams


A few months ago, my colleague Tom Tyler posted his Perforce Directory Standard (PDS), a high level guide to effective directory and branch models. The PDS was a huge hit (as far as consulting papers go), as it gave simple, concise recommendations for a variety of development practices.

Now that streams is here, we've got an updated copy of the PDS that incorporates streams. Most of the PDS recommendations don't actually change, but of course the directory structure is a bit different with streams. And there are lots of pictures of the Stream Graph now.

I think it speaks well of streams that the PDS doesn't change very much if you use streams. Streams provide guidance and a lightweight workflow, plus easy tools and visualization. That makes applying the PDS easier, but it doesn't change the basic concepts.

If you're interested in the new PDS, drop us an email. The PDS isn't available on the web site yet, although once the Perforce Ecosystem if officially launched, I bet it'll find a home there.